What is Tectonic?

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What is Tectonic?
Tectonic is Structural’s convention token with two key use cases: administration and marking into the Local area Protection Pool to get the convention and procure more rewards.

What is a Structural?
Structural is a decentralized non-custodial algorithmic currency market convention. Clients can store resources to acquire automated revenue or get assets to open liquidity in their resources.

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How does Structural work?

Reserves saved by clients are given as liquidity to borrowers, who might get at variable loan fees. Structural savvy contracts change these rates in view of each market’s usage rates.

Protecting your assets is our first concern

Inspected brilliant agreements

Our shrewd agreements have been evaluated by driving blockchain security reviewers Slowmist.

Protection store (Not far off)

10% of the interest paid by borrowers goes to a protection store utilized if undercollateralized advances are not as expected sold.

Open source

Interoperability and open source are among the establishing standards of DeFi, which Structural is gladly dedicated to.


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